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Real Estate

Suddozai Group delivers exceptional real estate sol that redefine modern living and commercial excellence.


We excels in construction, delivering exceptional projects with precision, innovation, and uncompromising quality.

Urban Planning

Transforming cities and communities with thoughtful Urban Planning that thrive, connect, and inspire for a brighter future.

Interior Designing

Our Interior Designing services turn spaces into stories, where creativity meets functionality that truly reflects your style and personality.

Architectural Designing

Our Architectural Designing services turns your ideas into awesome buildings. We make sure your space looks cool and works just right.

Planning Permission​

We handle the paperwork, so you don't have to. Our services ensures that your project gets the green light smoothly and hassle-free.


Our Consultancy services offers expert advice, strategic planning, and a helping hand to make your property decisions easy and successful.

Sales & Marketing

At Suddozai Group, our Sales & Marketing services are n't just about properties; it's about finding homes that speak to your heart.

Project Management

We're the organizers of your dream project. We take care of all the details, making sure everything falls into place.

Trust and Worth

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