Pakistan Kashmir Sweet Home Rehara Rawalakot AJK

Pak Kashmir Sweet Home

Pakistan Kashmir Sweet Home Cadet College Rehara Rawalakot AJK

Building Dreams, Constructing Futures

Welcome to Pakistan Kashmir Sweet Home Cadet College Rehara, Rawalakot AJK – a unique project being constructed by the Suddozai Group. 

At Suddozai Group, we are not just builders but architects of change, committed to transforming dreams into reality. Our latest venture involves the construction of the Pakistan Kashmir Sweet Home Cadet College in Rehara, Rawalakot AJK – a testament to our dedication to excellence in construction and community development.

Cadet college Pak Kashmir Sweet Home 1

Our Expertise in Construction

We’re not just any construction company; we’re the folks who make sure buildings don’t just stand tall but stand firm. Our team knows the drill, literally! We ensure everything is done right, from digging the first hole to putting the last nail.

Visionary Collaboration

Collaborating with Pakistan Sweet Home, we embark on a mission beyond construction. It’s more than just putting up walls – creating a place where kids can learn and grow. It’s a symbol of educational empowerment for needy children. We both believe in helping out, and that’s what we’re here to do. We’re not in it for profits; we’re in it for the community. This project is all about giving back and making a positive impact. Every brick we lay is a step toward a better future for the kids who will call this place home.

Community Impact

As a construction company, our role is to build more than physical structures; we are building a future for the aspiring minds of tomorrow. The impact of this project extends beyond the construction site, reaching into the hearts and lives of the local community. We believe in the power of society, and we’re doing our part to make sure the next generation has a place to call their own.

Raising Foundations, Building Dreams

What we’re doing here is more than just construction; it’s about making dreams come true. We’re building a place where kids can imagine big things for their future, and we’re super proud to be a part of that. So, there you have it – Suddozai Group building dreams, one brick at a time. Thanks for being a part of our journey! Stay tuned for more updates because we’re just starting this fantastic project. 

Academic Block for Smart Minds:

Learning should be fun, right? We’re creating a particular academic block where kids can dive into exciting lessons, solve tricky problems, and discover a whole world of knowledge. It’s like a treasure chest for brilliant minds!

Cadet college Pak Kashmir Sweet Home 2

Hostel for Comfy Nights:

Imagine a cozy place where kids can rest their heads after learning and playing. That’s what we’re building – a hostel that feels like a home away from home.

Cadet college Hostel of Pak Kashmir Sweet Home 3

Library for Bookworms:

We’ve got something special for all the book lovers – a library that’s not just a bunch of shelves. It’s a magical place where stories come to life and imaginations run wild. Get ready to dive into a sea of books!

Cadet college Library of Pak Kashmir Sweet Home 3

Mosque for Peaceful Moments:

Sometimes, you need a quiet place to reflect and find peace. We’re building a mosque where everyone can gather for serenity and connection. It’s not just a place to pray; it’s a space for hearts to find calm.

Cadet college Mosque of Pak Kashmir Sweet Home 3

Putting up a hostel, academic block, library, and mosque? No problem! Our construction wizards are working hard to ensure every brick is in its place, every window is just right, and every corner is filled with good vibes. We want you to be part of this fantastic journey! We’ll share updates, sneak peeks, and a few surprises. Building dreams is not just our job; it’s our joy, and we’re thrilled to have you with us.

Pakistan Sweet Home: A Heartfelt Legacy of Compassion

Founded in 2009 as a project of Bait-ul-Mal, Pakistan Sweet Home has been a beacon of hope for orphaned children nationwide. What started with a single child from Swat, KPK, entrusted to Mr. Zamurrad Khan, has grown into a family of 5 Sweet Home centers across Pakistan. Dedicated teams work tirelessly in areas severely affected by poverty and climate crises, providing support, education, medical care, and emotional healing to over 10,000 children.


pak kashmir sweet Home Rawalakot

Contact Us

For inquiries, admissions, or collaboration opportunities, don’t hesitate to contact us at 

+92 336 5420007  or  051 2158317

visit our office at Plot # 1 Services Road East, Main Express Way Islamabad, or the above location.

Join us in shaping the future of our nation through Pakistan Kashmir Sweet Home Cadet College Rehara, Rawalakot, AJK where education meets leadership and character meets excellence. 

Empower. Educate. Excel.

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