Choudhary House

Welcome to Choudhary House

Choudhary House: Where Luxury Meets Perfection

In the heart of Bahria Town Phase 3, Islamabad, stands a masterpiece that redefines luxury living. Welcome to Choudhary House, an 8-Kanal architectural wonder representing the artistry and expertise of Suddozai Builders, an outstanding department of the respected Suddozai Group.

Choudhary House is a testament to Suddozai Builders’ design and modern innovation of perfection. Every aspect of this residence exudes luxury and class, from its lavish facade to its carefully designed interiors. We took great care in ensuring that every corner of this luxury house shines classiness.

A Wonderful Team Effort:

The collaboration between Suddozai Group and Builders has built a Choudhary House, a real architectural gem. It’s a masterpiece that shows what can happen when a professional team works together.

This House brings together the great ideas from Suddozai Group and the fantastic skills of Suddozai Builders. Our history of doing great things with Suddozai Builders’ know-how in making things with their hands.

Get in Touch

Please feel free to Reach out to our dedicated team to schedule a viewing, inquiries, and bookings and to immerse yourself in the world of Choudhary House. We’re here to help you. So, call us at +92 336 5420007

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